How much do Uber drivers make in Venice, FL?


Uber driver earnings in Venice, FL, United States were estimated 5 days ago. Update now.

Uber Pay Venice 2018

Looking for how much an average Uber driver earns per year in Venice, FL, United States? In the calculations below, we make Venice Uber driver salary projections.

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Weekly Earnings for a Typical Uber Driver in Venice, FL

Estimated UberX drivers earnings:
At UberX rates in Venice of $1.08 base fare, $2.6 booking fee, $0.14 per min and $1.09 per mile — the average Venice trip pay out for a UberX driver is $16.5325.
Since Uber drivers on average make about 2 rides per hour, the hourly UberX driver earnings equate to approximately $33.065.
Assuming an average Uber driver dedicates to work about 30 hours per week, the overall per-week earnings would be $992 — making annual salary for Venice UberX driver equal to $51,581.

How much is an Uber driver's salary in Venice in 2018?

Our salary estimate for UberX drivers operating in & around the Venice area in 2018 starts at approximately $51,581 per year.

This is a GROSS salary estimate and does not factor in 20% Uber fee, taxes, gas, tolls, car amortization, insurance and other operating expenses.

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